We launch into the market the Line of Europa HPLC columns ...

We launch into the market the Line of Europa HPLC columns, one of the best columns in the field of analysis of biomolecules. The Europa HPLC columns for peptides and proteins, provide the best performance and unsurpassed effi ciency, reliability and reproducibility. Teknokroma has dedicated years of research and development in obtaining the best silica particle on the market. The silica particle on which the Europa columns is based is the result an optimisation propietary “porifi cation process”(Surface Enhanced Accessibility, SEA), starting with extremely pure materials with unusually low metal content, and obtaining a perfectly spherical, rigid, inert particle. and high loading capacity- making it ideal for preparative-scale processing Thanks to our propietary new Multifunctional Endcapping Deactivation (MED), Europa columns have an unusual low level of silanol activity, helping you to obtain symetrical peaks for the most basic and acidic compounds. Europa C 18 bonding chemistries will help you to achieve an extraordinary resistance and column lifetime when running at extreme pH levels. The improved high density bonding and full endcapping make them suitable to separate or purify low molecular weight compounds (especially small peptides when using Europa Peptide column 120 Å) and separate or purify high molecular weight compounds, especially proteins when using Europa Protein column 300 Å.

Europa C18 Protein HPLC Columns

Europa C18 Protein columns are designed and manufactured for identifcation and purifcation of proteins and for compounds with high molecular weight.
Europa HPLC columns for proteins provide a high performance that is unsurpassed in effciency, reliability and reproducibility. Manufactured using novel proprietary technologies, analytical and preparative Europa columns are simply the best reverse phase columns available today.
Europa columns ensure greater separation effciency, resistance to extreme pH conditions and longer column life.
Our “Ultra-Fast” columns are made in 3-5 cm length in order to get quick analytical results, whereas the “High Effciency” columns are normally in 15-25 cm lengths to obtain best resolution.


  • Ultra high purity totally spherical silica gel provide a high resolution and excellent peak shape
  • High loading capacity of crude proteins
  • High density bonding for extreme performance proprietary fully end-capped silica
  • Stable, featuring extended acidic and basic conditions
  • Silica properties: ultra pure and totally spherical narrow distribution range and high density
  • Fully end-capped silica
  • Porous Size: 300Å narrow particle size distribution
  • Surface Area 100 m2 /gr.
  • % of Carbon 7 %
  • Packed with 5µm sized silica particles
  • Available as C4, C8, and C18 columns
  • Microbore Columns are available in: 0.21, 0.30 cm I.D.
    Analytical Columns in: 0.40 and 0.46 cm I.D.
    Semi-Prep in: 0.70-1.0 cm I.D.


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