Mediterranea is a transitional column fully compatible with ...

Mediterranea Sea18 2,2 μm Mediterranea is a transitional column fully compatible with cutting-edge HPLC and UHPLC systems, radically improving analysis performance and halving retention times. The material used for the developement of Mediterranea Sea 18 columns is an ultra-pure, metal-free, state-of-the-art silica gel packing, with a particle size of 2,2 μm and a pore size of 100 Å. Mediterranea Sea 18 uses state-of-the-art silica and the latest bonding and endcapping technology. Compatible with a 100% aqueous mobile phase and it stands extreme pH conditions (1,5 to 11). Mediterranea Sea 18 has been developed to offer the highest quality and reproducibility. Mediterranea Sea18 1,8 μm Mediterranea Sea 18 1.8 μm Columns have been developed based on the same material as the recognized 5 μm column. The result is a column with high efficiency, high reliability and full scalability from UHPLC analytical chromatography to industrial process chromatography from 1.8, 2.2, 3, 5, 10, to 15 μm. Its versatility allows the separation of both nonpolar and polar substances, and its robustness to extreme pH values (1.5 to 11) makes it the ideal column for methods development. Teknokroma strictly controls each lot of packing and each column.

NIST test for HPLC packings characterisation

The NIST test uses a mixture of five organic compounds (uracil, toluene, ethylbenzene, quinizarin and amitriptyline).

Uracil is an indicator of column dead volume (non-retained peak).

Toluene/Ethylbenzene the selectivity factor between these two compounds can be used to characterise differences between packing mainly due to hydrophobic interactions.

Quinizarine measures the activity towards chelating reagents.

Amitriptyline measures activity towards bases. It is an excellent indicator of the activity of residual silanols on the surface of the packaging.


The Mediterranean Sea 18 column has been subjected to the SRM870 test. This test designed by NIST, is currently considered to be the most recommended test for evaluating the most significant properties of a reversed phase column


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