OlimPeak™ Syringe Filters 4 mm

Ideal for sample volumes < 2 ml ...

• Ideal for sample volumes < 2 ml • Available in 10 different membranes • Dead volume < 10 μL • Double connection: Luer + Mini Tip • Certified for low level extractables

One of the main causes of malfunction of high pressure pumps of HPLC equipment is the formation of air bubbles inside the pistons, with the consequent loss of precision in the flow and consequent lack of reproducibility in the mixtures and gradients.
To minimize this problem it is vital to ensure that the eluent enters the pump perfectly degassed.
The use of Uniflow degassing equipment is the most effective, convenient and economical means of ensuring a total absence of dissolved air in the mobile phase.
The design of the Uniflow degassers guarantees a fast stabilization thanks to its minimum dead volume and also reduces the resistance to the suction that other equipments of the market present.
The Uniflow degasser replaces with advantage the classic helium degassed typical in low pressure mixing systems.

Degasys Ultimate for demanding degassing applications for semi-micro and analytical flow rates
Degasys Populaire for routine analytical degassing
Degasys 'the original' for Preparative HPLC and for low cost analytical systems


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