Basic deactivated Polyethylene glycol (PEG) ...

• Basic deactivated Polyethylene glycol (PEG) • Excellent for analysing basic nonderivatized compounds • Ideal for separating amines and nitrosamines Las Columnas Capilares de Teknokroma TRB-FFAP, polares, tienen la estructura Polietilenglicol, y són compatibles con Agilent: HP-FFAP, DB-FFAP; Supelco: NUKOL, SP-1000; Restek: STABILWAX-DA; Varian: CP-WAX 58 CB; SGE: BP-21; Alltech: AT-1000, FFAP; Quadrex: 007-FFAP 100% basic deactivated polyethylene glycol (PEG) , not bonded phase Specific columns for underivatized amines and other basic compounds, alkylamines, diamines, triamines, nitrogen-containing heterocyclics. This deactivated base column has been specially designed for the analysis of primary amines, secondary amines, and tertiary amines, as well as other volatile basic compounds No need for column priming. Some FAME analysis, fragrances, cosmetics: alcohols and aromatic compounds, food industry, flavour analysis

TRB-WAX.DB equivalent phase

Agilent: CAM, HP-BasicWax, CP-WAX 51 CB for Amines
CP-WAX for Volatile Amines
Supelco: Carbowax-Amine
Restek: Stabilwax-DB


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