Super Clean Gas Filters

The carrier gas must contain less than 1 ppm of oxygen, moisture or ...

The carrier gas must contain less than 1 ppm of oxygen, moisture or other contaminants to prevent column degradation, increase lifetime and decrease stationary phase bleed. Super Clean gas filters will definitely contribute to achieve this purity and obtain chromatographic results free of ghost peaks, allowing the analysis of trace compounds. They will reduce the time and cost of equipment maintenance. The advantages of using gas line purifiers with a base plate make changing filters quick and easy. Cartridges can be changed without introducing oxygen. Spring-loaded check valves seal when a filter is removed and open only when a new filter has been locked in place. It is no longer necessary to loosen and tighten fittings every time a trap is changed, preventing your system from becoming contaminated in the process. Characteristics • High impurity holding capacity • Trap provides 99.9999% purity output gas • Quick connect" system facilitates quick and safe cartridge replacement • Glass inside to prevent diffusion of contaminants and plastic outside for safety • Recyclable or renewable materials • Trap exhausted indicator. • Helium and hydrogen specific traps available

ECD & MS Triple filter to remove O2/Moisture/Hydrocarbons from carrier gas


GC/MS Triple filters specific for Helium from the carrier gas, removes O2/Moisture/Hydrocarbons and is conditioned with Helium.


FID High capacity filters to remove O2/moisture/hydrocarbons from the carrier gas and 2 combi filter hydrocarbons/moisture for

purifying gases (air and H2) used in a FID.


LC/MS filters to purify the N2 from hydrocarbons and one particulate air filter


TOC Filter for removal of carbon dioxide and sulphur from a gas stream is used in combination with a humidity filter


Use moisture filters :Moisture in carrier gas lines will prematurely degrade oxygen and hydrocarbon traps and increase detector noise.

As a precaution, we highly recommend installing a moisture trap before the hydrocarbon and oxygen traps on all carrier gas lines.


Use Oxigen filter: Oxygen is a column killer. It is present even in UHP gases, as minutes leaks at fittings allow oxygen to influx against

the concentration gradient. Because oxygen can enter a gas line at any fitting or during gas bottle exchange, the oxygen trap should be

the last connection before the gas line enters the chromatograph


Use Hydrocarbon filter: Use a hydrocarbon trap if your gas has a potential source of hydrocarbon contaminants or if you suspect you are

observing carrier gas ghost peaks. Install the hydrocarbon trap after the moisture trap, to prevent moisture from degrading the hydrocarbontrapping

ability of the activated carbon in the hydrocarbon trap.


Fuel Gas filter: Is a combi (hydrocarbon/moisture) filter. The Fuel Gas Filter is perfect for purifying flame ionization detector (FID) fuel gases, removing

both moisture and hydrocarbons. Using the Fuel Gas Filter for FID Hydrogen and air will produce a stable baseline, improving overall reproducibility and sensitivity.



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