Safety Waste Caps

The fluids in the waste containers in the laboratory ...

The fluids in the waste containers in the laboratory are overwhelmingly poisonous the user often does not know which mixture can emerge in the canisters. Closed safety systems from S.C.A.T. Europe offer reassuring protection and also guarantee efficient work in the laboratory. Filter systems against harmful vapors You will find exhaust filters in different sizes. Different thread sizes Use SafetyWasteCaps on your available containers, or order the appropriate canisters at the same time! Resistant against aggresive media Because they are made of pure PTFE and PE-HD, SafetyWasteCaps are resistant against organic solvents, acids and lyes.

HALO Fused-Core Performance

High Speed Separations

  • Smaller reduced plate heights lead to high efficiencies; narrower and taller peaks, for improved resolution and lower detection limits (LODs and LOQs)
  • Flat van Deemter plot and higher linear velocity optimum allow higher flow rates with minimal column efficiency loss

High Resolution Separations

  • High efficiency with longer geometries (100, 150, 250 mm)
    provides greater resolving power for challenging applications
  • Lower back pressure permits columns to be used in series for the most demanding UHPLC and HPLC separations

Excellent Ruggedness and Reproducibility

  • Less plugging, longer usable column lifetime and greater uptime due to larger porosity frits (vs. sub-2 µm totally porous (non-core) columns)
    • 2 µm frits for HALO 2.7 and HALO 5
    • 1 µm frits for HALO 2 vs. 0.2–0.5 µm frits for sub-2 µm non-core columns
  • Excellent column-to-column and lot-to-lot reproducibility


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