Vacuum Manifold for SPE & accessories

Teknokroma vacuum manifolds simplify SPE sample processing ...

Teknokroma vacuum manifolds simplify SPE sample processing. These manifolds permit consistent extraction and filtration results. Analyst can save time, since these manifolds allow simultaneous multiple sample processing. The manifolds consist of a clear glass chamber to which vacuum is applied to draw a sample through on SPE column, cartridge, or disk. Adjustable racks placed in the glass vacuum chamber will accommodate a variety of sample collection vessels, including test tubes, autosamplers, vials, volumetric flasks, and Erlenmeyer flasks. Eluants are deposited directly into the collection vessel of choice via polypropylene, optional stainless steel, or Teflon needles. Vacuum manifolds for SPE sample preparation, filtration, and elution are available in 12, 16, and 24 port configurations. Port Vacuum Manifold complete set include: Glass chamber, cover gasket & 12 stopcocks, vacuum valve and gauge, colections racks plates (13 mm, 16 mm tubes, volumetric flask, plate base, plate dimple, lid legs, propilene needles, retaining clips for collections racks.

Advantages of Olimpeak™ Filter Vials

1. Wide range of membranes (color coded by membrane and pore size)
2. Two formats of Filter Vial: VF and VH depending on the particles in suspension or volume of precipitate. Máx. Sample volume 450 μl.
3. Validated cap to be used with centrifuge and vortex RT.
4. Easy-to-use vials offer fast sample filtration and require only a squeeze of your fingers.  Made of Polyetilene (PE) instead of Polypropilene (PP),gives less frictional resistance.
5. Minimize sample loss by eliminating multiple transfers.
6. Less waste than in the usual filtering methods, so it is environmentally friendly. Precipitation, filtration and sample collection in one vial.
7. Fit most standard 12 x 32 mm auto samplers, including UHPLC instruments.
8. Pre slit PTFE/silicone caps help eliminate broken auto sampler needles and cored septa.
9. In two steps and 15 seconds you can have a safe and secure sample for analysis. You can prepare a safe particulate free sample in less time than it takes to in the time it takes to open the syringe packaging and add the syringe filter.
10. Excellent chemical compatibility with acids, alcohols, bases, esters, glycols, ketones and oils. Limited resistance to acids > 1 N, aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons.


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