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    YL FT-IR Series brings both high performance and cost efficiency. With a sophisticated interferometer design, YL FT-IR Series delivers reliable and reproducible data ensuring excellent and stable light source.
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    • No interference of humidity by a desiccated and sealed interferometer
    • Stable wavelength emission by air cooled infrared sources
    • Self compensating alignment at an optical system
    • Ease of use with an intuitive software
    • DLATGS Detector with high sensitivity and excellent linearity
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    • Polymer analysis
    • Foods research
    • Quality assurance and control
    • Pharmaceutical research
    • Lubricant formulation and fuel additives
    • Environmental and water quality analysis methods
    • Biochemical and biomedical research
    • Education analysis
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    YL2000 FT-IR YL2300 FT-IR
    Wavelength Range, IR 7800 to 380 cm-1 7000 to 400 cm-1 (without ATR accessory)
    Wavelength Range, NIR 15000 to 3850 cm-1 15000 to 3850 cm-1
    Spectral Resolution (Standard) 1 cm-1 (8 cm-1 – NIR) 2 cm-1 (8 cm-1 – NIR)
    Spectral Resolution (Option) 0.5 cm-1 1.0 or 0.5 cm-1
    Interferometer Self aligning Self aligning
    Beamsplitter, Standard IR Multicoated KBr Multicoated KBr
    Frequency Reference VCSEL laser VCSEL laser
    Detector, IR Standard Low noise DLATGS Low noise DLATGS
    Detector, IR Option MCT -